Beauty Tips For Teenagers


Being a teenager during times when beauty is a widely celebrated, debated, criticised and ridiculed topic of conversation, is a very hard task. A lot of young teenage girls constantly feel the pressure of looking and acting a certain way to be accepted by society and most importantly, people of their own age. Beauty is not just caking on makeup but includes every little thing that you do to take care of your skin and body. In this article we have listed down some beauty tips for teenagers.


Cleansing should be one of the most important parts of your daily routine because every day, when you return back home, your face is almost always covered in dirt, sweat and grime that needs to be washed off as soon as possible. Use a cleanser and make sure to clean your face atleast two times a day to avoid oily skin with a good chance of a lot of pimples or something to get acne.


After you cleanse your face, make sure to grab for a toner next because this helps to open up all the clogged pores. Spray a good amount of toner liquid on a ball of cotton and gently wipe your whole face.

Moisturising is a very important beauty step, be it in summer or winter. It prevents your skin from getting dry and peeling off. Coupled with cleansing and toning, it is one among the three fundamental steps of any beauty routine that leads to flawless, soft and glowing skin.


Make sure that you use a gentle scrubber and softly scrub your face atleast two times a day to leave it fresh and soft and help in the regeneration of your skin via scrubbing off and getting rid of all the dead cells.


It is very important for you to get some sleep, or ‘beauty sleep’ for your body and mind to feel rejuvenated and fresh for another day. Sleep helps you repair yourself from any tension or stress you are facing and this in turn shows on your skin.

Beauty should not just stop with taking care of your face because your body is JUST as important. Hence, once you’re done scrubbing your face, make sure that you move to your body and use a good scrubber to scrub all parts and remove any dead skin.


Your lips can get dry, dark and chapped very quickly especially with extreme weather. Thus, ensure that you moisturise your lips with a cream or Chap Stick during regular intervals to leave it soft and plump.

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