How do I assign assignments in seesaw?

How do I assign assignments in seesaw?

How do I send an assignment to my students?Tap the green add button, then select ‘Assign Activity’. Fill in details of the activity: activity name, student instructions (can include examples and voice instructions), an optional student template, and the student(s) tagged to the activity. Tap ‘Preview’ to review the activity.

Can parents upload to Class Dojo?

Starting today, parents can join the fun and share moments from home right through ClassDojo Messaging! Just make sure they’ve updated their ClassDojo app, and they’ll see a camera and smiley face icon in the message channel.

How do you upload videos to Class Dojo?

Here’s how:Click the class you would like to post a video in on the ClassDojo app.Click “Stories” at the bottom of the screen.Beside “What’s happening?” You can click on your last camera roll picture in the lower left corner to choose a video already recorded on your device to upload.

How long of a video can you post on Class Dojo?

8 minutes

How do you send a video to your teacher on class dojo?

How Can I Send a Video to My Teacher?Log into your student account at “Video” at the top of the screen to record a new video (Please note: A pre-recorded video cannot be uploaded via the website to Portfolios at this time)Click the Blue camera button to begin recording and the red stop button when you are finished.

Can parents see if you read a message on ClassDojo?

Our Read Receipts feature is for you only – parents cannot see if or when you’ve read their messages.

How do I send a message to parents on Class Dojo?

Send a Message to All ParentsOpen your class.Click on the “Messages” tab.Select “All Parents”Enter your message and click “Send”

How do you use ClassDojo as a parent?

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Can I use Class Dojo as a teacher and a parent?

You can easily switch between a teacher and parent account on our iOS and Android apps using our Account Switcher feature. From the web, you will need to log out of your teacher account and sign back in as a parent. Once you delete your teacher account, you can use your email address to create a parent account here.