How do I delete a class on Cengage?

How do I delete a class on Cengage?

Remove a Course or SectionSign in to the Instructor Resource Center at the Instructor Resource Center, navigate to your course, course master, or section. Select the textbook or product for your course. Either hide or delete the course, section, or course master. Click Save Changes.

How do I delete a course on WebAssign?

You can remove a course section from your and your students’ views by sending it to the Trash….Questions, assignments, and classes cannot be permanently deleted.Open the My Classes page. Click Edit Class Settings.At the bottom of the Edit Class Settings page, click Trash.Click OK.

How do I get a refund from Cengage?

Request a RefundGo to Click. Click Refund Request below the order you want refunded.Select your reason for requesting a refund under Platform/Service.Original Order Number and Refund ISBN should be pre-populated. In the Description field, type additional comments.Click Submit.

Is cengage reliable?

Cengage (as bad as Pearson) is a terrible company that sucks up to the broken corrupt educational system that is all lies and no help to society. The system needs to burn and from the ashes rise a new education system that lives on with truth, efficiency, and integrity.