How do I upload a narrated PowerPoint to canvas?

How do I upload a narrated PowerPoint to canvas?

Upload your Video to Canvas: In a Canvas page, click the Media Record/Upload button on the Content Editor: Choose Upload Media, and then Select Video File: Browse your computer to find the video file that you created with Powerpoint, and then upload that to Canvas. Then Save the page.

How do assignments work in canvas?

How do I Create Assignments?Click on “Assignments” from the course navigation.Click “+Assignment” at the top right corner.Name your assignment.Enter a description or assignment details in the rich content editor.If you would like to attach files, you can select the file from the content selector panel.

How do students turn in assignments in canvas?

To submit an assignment, click on “Submit Assignment” in the top right hand corner (6). Click Browse and open the document saved on your computer. Click Submit Assignment once more. If the submission was successful, you will see a Submitted!

How do I grade an assignment in canvas?

You cannot upload files to assignment submissions when grading in the Teacher app.Open Course. In the Courses tab, tap the name of the course you’d like to view.Open Assignments. Tap the Assignments link.Open Assignment. Open Submissions. Open Submission. Open Grades. Use Grade Slider. Post or Hide Grade.