How do students submit work on Edmodo?

How do students submit work on Edmodo?

Turn in AssignmentsFind the Assignment in the class post stream, and click Open.Otherwise, go to the”Upcoming” area in the right side panel of the Class Page, and select the Assignment.

How do you use Edmodo?

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Do you have to pay for edmodo?

The basic Edmodo Services are free and always will be – that is, we don’t charge for signing up for a basic, individual Edmodo account, or for a basic school or district subdomain. However, we may offer certain premium products and services for a fee, including software available through the Edmodo Store.

Who invented edmodo?

Nic BorgCrystal HutterJeff O’Hara

What is the purpose of edmodo?

Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips.

When was edmodo created?

1 September 2008

How is edmodo used in the classroom?

Edmodo can be incorporated into classrooms for a variety of uses. Current uses include posting assignments, taking quizzes, creating polls for student responses, and providing links for useful information. Edmodo allows students to upload assignments for their teachers to view and grade.