Is AP English Literature hard?

Is AP English Literature hard?

AP Language is the number one most popular AP examabout 535,000 students took the test in 2020 alone! AP Literature is also a popular test, with about 334,000 students sitting for the exam in 2020. However, the fact that their 5 rates are so low suggests that both exams are more difficult than average to do well on.

How hard is it to take 5 AP classes?

If you are a person who already has a tight schedule and lots of extracurriculars, then taking five AP classes may be challenging. However, if you feel that the workload for this year is fairly easy, and you are not too busy with outside activities, then taking five AP classes may be manageable.

Is AP Chem easier than ap bio?

AP Chemistry is definitely the toughest. It’s easily the hardest exam on the list because of it’s heavy emphasis on conceptual understanding, memorization, and math. AP Bio requires a solid foundation in biology and a holistic understanding of how these concepts connect.

How do you survive AP Bio?

Don’t miss any upcoming live streams to review for AP Bio!Don’t let the amount of material overwhelm you.Make connections instead of memorizing content.Logic is your best friend.Read, read, and read some more.Use your resources.Prep your prep methods.Focus on your weaknesses.