What did Rainsford think was the most dangerous of all big game?

What did Rainsford think was the most dangerous of all big game?

the Cape buffalo

Where is Rainsford headed?

Hover for more information. At the beginning of the short story, Rainsford and Whitney are sailing on the Caribbean Sea, heading towards Rio in South America to hunt jaguars in the Amazon rainforest. Rainsford is a world-renowned hunter and has even written books about his hunting experiences.

What happens in The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell?

Rainsford decides to swim in the gunshots’ direction. He hears the screeching sound of an animal in agony and heads straight for it, until the cries end abruptly with a pistol shot. Exhausted, Rainsford reaches the rocky shore and immediately falls into a deep sleep.

How does Rainsford see the world?

Rainsford believes that the world is made up of hunters and hunted. A world-renowned big-game hunter and the story’s protagonist. A Russian Cossack and expatriate who lives on Ship-Trap Island and enjoys hunting men. Rainsford’s friend and traveling companion.

What according to Rainsford is the best sport in the world?

Rainsford considers hunting to be the best sport in the world.

Why is General zaroff a psychopath?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. A psychopath is a person with a mental disorder highlighted by abnormal or violent social behavior. That General Zaroff hunts down and kills men for no good reason other than his own pleasure is evidence enough to label him as a psychopath.

How does Rainsford intelligent?

Rainsford’s intelligence in the story. He has to try to survive. This is one example of how intelligent he is because it shows how he can use prior knowledge to get out of a quick situation. Another example of foreshadowing of Rainsford’s intelligence is when he dug a Burmese tiger pit.

Who said civilized and you shoot down men?


What makes zaroff’s Rainsford uncomfortable?

But there was one small trait of the general’s that made Rainsford uncomfortable. Whenever he looked up from his plate he found the general studying him, appraising him narrowly. “Perhaps,” said General Zaroff, “you were surprised that I recognized your name.

What happens in the dangerous game?

In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford escapes from Zaroff by diving into the sea. Zaroff then returns to his mansion and eats dinner. When Zaroff discovers Rainsford, the general is delighted to learn that their contest isn’t over but will conclude with one final fight to the death.

Is Ivan still alive in the Atlanta Zoo?

Ivan was a cherished member of the Zoo Atlanta population from 1994 until his passing on August 20, 2012, at the age of 50. Every life at the Zoo is a story worth sharing, but Ivan’s story was once told so widely and passionately that it ignited a national movement that touched two coasts.

What do humans have that causes zaroff to think they will be challenging prey?

What do humans have that causes Zaroff to think they will be challenging prey? We can reason and we have courage and cunning. Why does Zaroff feel he has the right to hunt people? Because he has hunted everything else and we can reason.

How did Rainsford change?

Rainsford changed from scared and shocked to brave and/or desperate. In the resolution, Rainsford is able to elude the clutches of General Zaroff by jumping off of the cliff. Not only that, Rainsford is able to survive the fall and possibly even be unhurt.

What was zaroff’s new animal?

Homo sapien

What did Rainsford refuse?

A. Rainsford refuses to hunt with General Zaroff, so Rainsford becomes the hunted. He sets a series of traps to try to kill General Zaroff, but he is unsuccessful.

Why is General Rainsford appraising?

Within the context of the story, General Zaroff is doing this to Rainsford because he is “sizing him up.” He is analyzing Rainsford, trying to decide what kind of prey he will make. He knows he might be hunting Rainsford later and so he wants to know as much as he can about the man.

How does Rainsford end up in the water?

Unfortunately, Rainsford’s pipe gets knocked out of his mouth, and he reaches for it. When Rainsford reaches for his pipe, he loses his balance and falls off of the yacht into the water. The yacht continues to travel through the water at a rapid pace and Rainsford is unable to catch up to it.

Is Rainsford a hunter?

The protagonist, Sanger Rainsford, is an adventurous big-game hunter who confronts the nature of life and death for the first time in his life during his few frightening days on Ship-Trap Island.