What types of products needed to be conserved for the war?

What types of products needed to be conserved for the war?

The second goal was to conserve materials like metal, which soldiers, sailors and Marines would need for the fight in such things as guns, ordnance, tanks, ships, aircraft, tactical vehicles and so on. Other items considered essential for war included petroleum products, rubber, paper and plastic.

What are the key features of a persuasive text?

A persuasive text is any text where the main purpose is to present a point of view and seeks to persuade a reader. A persuasive text can be an argument, exposition, discussion, review or even an advertisement.

What was the purpose of this poster?

Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative. Posters may be used for many purposes. They are a frequent tool of advertisers (particularly of events, musicians, and films), propagandists, protestors, and other groups trying to communicate a message.

Which persuasive technique is used in this poster glittering generalities?

Glittering generalities: In this technique, the persuader uses virtue or positive words such as democracy, patriotism, health, beauty, love, civilization and others in such a way people focus on them without questioning the whole statement.

What was the purpose of this poster to convince people to buy?

Explanation: To convince people to buy war bonds by instilling fear in them.

What was the main purpose of this World War II poster?

To preserve resources for the war effort, posters championed carpooling to save on gas, warned against wasting food and urged people to collect scrap metal to recycle into military materials.

What method of recruiting soldiers is effective?

The method that I think is effective when recruiting soldiers is using posters that motivate and show the major decision you are making when enlisting.

What is the role of the author in a persuasive text?

Answer. To convince a reader to believe an idea or to take a course of action, the author uses persuasive writing. An author’s purpose is reflected in the way he writes about a topic. For instance, if his purpose is to amuse, he will use jokes or anecdotes in his writing.

Which is not an example of persuasive text?

Weegy: Personal memoir is NOT an example of persuasive text. Weegy: The main purpose of a persuasive speech is to make readers think and present them with options.

What are the key elements of a persuasive essay?

There are three main elements of persuasive writing to remember:

  • Logos – the appeal to reason and logic. You express it by using facts presented in logical manner.
  • Ethos – the appeal to ethics.
  • Pathos – the appeal to emotion.

What are two things the Food Administration said you could do to save food?

[2] To increase sugar conservation, the Administration encouraged Americans to use less sugar in their coffee and tea, eat less candy, and stop frosting cakes. Food Administration recipes promoted fruit in desserts: fresh fruit, preserves, and dried fruit, such as raisins or dates.

What a persuasive essay looks like?

Persuasive writing, also known as the argument essay, uses logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another. The argument must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence by stating facts, giving logical reasons, using examples, and quoting experts. When you write a persuasive essay you must: 1.

What does poster mean?

A poster is a temporary promotion of an idea, product, or event put up in a public space for mass consumption. Typically, posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative.

What words can you use in a persuasive essay?

Other Handy Phrases for Persuasive Writing

  • I am certain. . .
  • I’m sure that you can see that . . .
  • What needs to be done/what we need to do. . .
  • I ask you to think about . . .
  • I am writing in order to . . .
  • Nevertheless . . .
  • On the other hand . . .
  • It has come to my attention that . . .

What is the primary purpose of this poster?

Answer: to convince the audience to take an action.

Which of the following is the correct definition of persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is one in which you attempt to get the reader to agree with your point of view. You are trying to present arguments, research, and ideas in order to sway the reader one way or the other.

Which persuasive techniques does the poster use?

The persuasive technique in the poster is glittering generalities.

Why do you think governments needed to finance the war what did they need to pay for?

Governments need to fiance the war because they are the ones who declared war. they needed to pay for was food, weapons, uniforms, ammo, vehicles, and equipment.

What is the message of the World War 2 poster?

what is the message of the world war 2 poster? the message is that you should car pool so you do not pollute the earth or ruin the earth, and that is what hitler did. this message was important to preserve the earth.

What are the two main types of posters?

Informative Posters Next, informative posters are custom posters that spread awareness and information. These are usually used for awareness drives for certain kinds of issues.