When was Snowmageddon in Atlanta?

When was Snowmageddon in Atlanta?

ATLANTA — It’s one of the most infamous weather events in Atlanta history, and it turns six years old today: Snowmageddon. On Jan. 28, 2014, two inches and change of snow brought the city to its knees, the images of cars trapped on the interstate indelibly fixed in Atlanta’s collective memory.

Is Georgia State University Expensive?

The overall cost for on-campus, in-state students to attend Georgia State University in 2019 – 2020 was $29,725. The cost for out-of-state students is more, with an overall expected four-year cost of $191,316 based on a yearly growth rate of 1.8%.

Has it ever snowed in Georgia in April?

Four other April snows have been recorded since 1879, the most recent significant one being April 3, 1987. Flurries occurred in 1993 on the afternoon of Halloween, marking only the third recorded October snow (all of which were an unmeasurable trace).

What GPA is required for Georgia State?


What state has no snow?


Is Kennesaw State better than Georgia State?

GSU isn’t really a better school than KSU, in fact I think KSU is little bit better education wise. KSU has a nice enough campus and its an affordable and quality education.

What is Georgia State University known for?

Georgia State is one of the nation’s leading urban research universities and the only one in Georgia. It is internationally recognized as the leader in introducing advanced technology, programs and initiatives that foster student success. The university has raised its graduation rates by 62 percent since 2010.

Is Atlanta safe?

Although crime rates are dropping, Atlanta is still considered a dangerous city. However, crime rates vary dramatically by neighborhood, which means there’s plenty of safe neighborhoods. The city is also protected by various layers of law enforcement. Most crimes are low-level break-ins and robberies.

What is the coldest city in Georgia?


What city in Georgia gets the most snow?

Mountain City

Where are the best public schools in Georgia?

  • Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology. Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA.
  • Northview High School. Fulton County Schools, GA.
  • Walton High School. Cobb County Schools, GA.
  • Alpharetta High School.
  • Lambert High School.
  • Chattahoochee High School.
  • South Forsyth High School.
  • Johns Creek High School.

Is GSU a bad school?

To answer your question: yes, GSU is a good school academically. It is a research university with an incredibly diverse student body, fantastic professors, and tons of opportunities. But, as of right now, it’s not as prestigious as some other schools in the area.

Has there ever been a blizzard in Georgia?

The Georgia blizzard of 1993 was officially the biggest blizzard in Georgia history. While it may not have accumulated the largest snowfall ever recorded, it was some of the worst winter weather in Georgia to go down in history.

Is UGA better than GSU?

UGA is definitely the better school. I would pick UGA for everything except business, being at GSU in the heart of downtown gives you great connections but literally for anything else I’d pick UGA.

Is GSU safe?

ATLANTA — A recent study named Georgia State as the 39th safest school in the country. Despite several incidents near the GSU campus – which sits in the heart of Downtown Atlanta over the years – the institution is one of three in the state being recognized by “A Secure Life.”

What is the most snow Georgia has ever had?

In Cherokee County, the biggest one-day snowfall was 12 inches on March 14, 1993. In Georgia, the record is tied between Murray County, when it snowed 20 inches on March 14, 1993, and Etowah County, when it snowed 20 inches a day earlier on March 13, 1993.

Will it snow in Georgia 2020?

November 2020 to October 2021. Winter temperatures will be above normal, on average, with the coldest periods in mid- and late December and throughout January. Snowfall generally will be below normal, with the best chance for snow in early January.

When did it last snow in Atlanta?

During then, the record amount of snow to fall in one day at Atlanta is 8.3 inches (21.1 centimetres) on January 23, 1940….Atlanta – Extreme Daily Snowfall for Each Year.

Inches Date Centimetres
2.3 January 17, 2018 5.8
1.5 December 09, 2017 3.8
0.2 January 22, 2016 0.5
trace March 06, 2015 + trace

How much does Kennesaw State University cost per year?

Residents of Georgia pay an annual total price of $18,879 to attend Kennesaw State University on a full time basis. This fee is comprised of $4,078 for tuition, $11,467 room and board, $1,500 for books and supplies and $1,834 for other fees.

How much snow fell in the blizzard of 1993?

1993 Storm of the Century

Category 5 “Extreme” (RSI/NOAA: 24.63)
Satellite image by NASA of the storm on March 13, 1993, at 10:01 UTC.
Maximum snowfall or ice accretion Snow – 69 in (180 cm) at Mt. Le Conte, Tennessee
Damage > $2 billion (1993 USD)
Power outages > 1,000,000

Is Georgia hotter than Florida?

Florida ranks overall as the warmest state year round. The fifth and sixth hottest states throughout the year are Georgia and Mississippi, which have similar average temperatures. Alabama, South Carolina and Arkansas come in close behind.

Is Georgia State a black school?

Students at Georgia State are predominantly Black with a sizeable White population. Georgia State University is designated as a Predominantly Black Institution (PBI) and receives federal grants supporting the school’s efforts to serve low and middle-income Black Americans.

What months does it snow in Georgia?

Average snowfall Atlanta sees an average of 1.9 inches of snow each year, based on data since records have been kept. Our measurable snowfall typically occurs in January, February, March and December.

Is Georgia State a good school?

Georgia State University’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #206. For graduate students, Georgia State is home to the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, a College of Law, a College of Education and more.

Is Kennesaw State University Safe?

On-Campus Crime Stats: 334 Incidents Reported Kennesaw State University reported 334 safety-related incidents involving students while on campus in 2019. Of the 3,990 colleges and universities that reported crime and safety data, 3,770 of them reported fewer incidents than this.

What is the largest black college in the United States?

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University