Will Unisa students get laptops during this lockdown?

Will Unisa students get laptops during this lockdown?

Unisa has announced that their NSFAS students have started getting deliveries of laptops. Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, confirmed that NSFAS students will be given laptops to make online learning more accessible to them. The suppliers will contact the students directly to arrange for distribution”.

Can I write Unisa exam without student card?

Unisa has a clear policy on what invigilators must communicate before an exam commences. No student may enter an exam venue without a Unisa student card and a valid ID document (original South African ID, driver’s licence, passport or refugee status document).

Are Unisa exams online?

As you are aware, the University has resolved that following the May/June online examinations, all future examinations of Unisa will be held online. Plans are currently underway to ensure that the October/November exams are successfully held online.

How do I check my Unisa exam online?

ACCESS MODULE EXAMINATION SITE Go to myExams https://myexams.unisa.ac.za/portal and login with your myUnisa credentials (your student number and password). Click on the name of the specific examination site through the site tabs on the horizontal navigation bar.

Where do I write my Unisa exams?

Remember, all your exams for one exam period must be written at one exam venue. What’s the process if I want to change my exam centre? Apply via myUnisa or send an e-mail to [email protected] (include your student number in the subject line). Take note of the deadlines by which you may apply for exam centre changes.

How do I download my Unisa exam online?

To get your exam paper:Open myUnisa.Find the link to ‘login and download the exam question paper for my June 2020’Log in.Find the link for the exam.Download the exam.Find on your device and do the exam.

How can I download old myUnisa question papers?

You can download the examination question paper from the landing page of myUnisa. Click on the link as indicated below: Login with your student number and myUnisa password. Find your module code and download your exam question paper.

How do you write an online exam?

Tips and tricks to create good exam questionsAvoid terms like “always” and “never” Avoid double negatives. State the question positively instead of negatively. Place most words in the question. Try to keep the answer choices at the same length. Give four or five answer options.