What are the general awareness topics?

What are the general awareness topics?

The SSC General awareness section can be classified into the following four major categories: Static GK – This covers topics about the static facts, the facts that are never going to change in the future….Culture.Economic Scene.General Polity.Geography.History.Indian Constitution.Scientific Research.Sports.

How can I be aware of current affairs?

Here are five tips to keeping up with the news—just pick what works for you.Subscribe to traditional news sources using your mobile phone. Listen to Podcasts. Download a news aggregator. Use social media in the right way. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Stay updated with Hotspot Shield VPN.

How do you prepare for general awareness?

How to prepare for RRB NTPC General Awareness?Inculcate the habit of reading the newspaper every day and also watch the news.Candidates must stay updated about national and international events.Read the topics for static GK.Take about one or two mock tests everyday to analyse candidates’ preparation.

What is difference between general awareness and general intelligence?

General Awareness test is nothing but pure General knowledge. It is meant to test the knowledge of the candidate, apart from the usual subjects. General intelligence refers to the ability to think about ideas, analyze situations, and solve problems.

How many types of GK are there?

General Knowledge: Static GK. In this general knowledge, Static General Knowledge is divided into three main categories as Basic GK, India GK, World GK and those are presented with numerous Subtopic wise manner for your easy understanding.

What is meant by general intelligence?

General intelligence is the fluid ability to integrate multiple cognitive abilities in the service of solving a novel problem and thereby accumulating crystalized knowledge that, in turn, facilitates further higher-level reasoning.

What is general intelligence test?

The purpose of the General Intelligence Test ( 320) is to assess an individual’s general cognitive ability – the ability to use reasoning to solve problems at the level normally required to complete secondary school. It can serve as an alternative to a high school education requirement.