What happens in Chapter 8 of the other Wes Moore?

What happens in Chapter 8 of the other Wes Moore?

As Wes waits to hear the jury’s verdict, he is overwhelmed by feelings of isolation and apathy. Ultimately, he is found guilty of first-degree felony murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Sergeant Prothero’s widow sobs, as do Mary, Aunt Nicey, and Alicia.

What happened in chapter 2 of the other Wes Moore?

Chapter 2 summary: In Search of Home Wes had a good friend named Woody, and together they played football. Being good at sports was what mattered to Wes, so he never put any time into school and grades declined. One day, an argument started while playing football, and it ended with Wes being punched in the face.

What was the standard motto at the author’s military school?

Through his own thoughts, the author reveals how in school he learned to value good behavior, as seen by the students’ adopted values; “Our standard motto, ‘No excuses, no exceptions,’ and our honor code, ‘A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those that do,’ were not simply words we had to memorize but …

Who does the other Wes Moore meet at the end of Chapter 1?

However, with the death of Wes Moore Sr, things change for everyone. Wes doesn’t have a father figure at all until, at age six, he finally meets his drunk father. Although both fathers are absent, the reasons and life circumstances are very different.

Is the other Wes Moore a true story?

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates is a 2010 nonfiction book by Wes Moore. The author stated “The other Wes Moore is a drug dealer, a robber, a murderer. I am a Rhodes scholar, a White House Fellow, a former Army officer.

What is the central idea of The Other Wes Moore?

Friendship, Family, and Brotherhood The book is not only a portrayal of the two Wes Moores; it is also a depiction of their families. Moore emphasizes the extent to which our families shape who we are, and stresses that without family support, most people have little chance of achieving success.

What was Wes proud to earn?

other: What was Wes proud to earn? He earned his GED and finished near the top of his class. Wes (Author) attends Johns Hopkins University after attending Valley Forge Junior College for two years. author: Explain why Wes says that many kids don’t have the “luck” like his on page 160.

How did the two Wes Moores meet?

How did the two Wes’ meet? Author Wes was in South Africa when a newspaper showed his name and that inmate Wes killed a man in an armed robbery. The author wrote the other Wes a letter in prison. The Author’s mom told him about the other Wes and that the police were searching for him.

Who does Wes meet at the end of Chapter 1 and how does he react?

Other wes: Who does Wes meet at the end of chapter 1 and how does he react? Wes (Inmate) meets his father while he is at his grandmothers’ house. Wes was confused and felt the tension from his mother. He was also afraid of this “man” that he had never met.

How did the cutting of the Basic Educational Opportunity Grants impact Mary Moore and her goal of attending college?

Terms in this set (13) The cutting of the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant imapacted Mary Moore’s ability to attend college by making it hard for her to complete her school due to not having money to attend school.

What happened at the end of the other Wes Moore?

In reality, Wes and Tony are hiding out at their uncle’s house in North Philadelphia. After 12 days, the men are found and arrested. While Tony accepts a plea deal to avoid the death penalty, Wes maintains his innocence and his case goes to trial. He is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Who is Cheryl and what happens to her and the other Wes Moore?

Cheryl is another of Wes’s girlfriends. Slightly older than he is, she is a heroin addict who unsuccessfully tries to hide her drug use from him. She and Wes have two children together. Cheryl dies at 24 after falling down the stairs.

How many kids does Wes Moore have?

two children